How to become famous on ourWorld?

Launched in 2008, ourWorld is a very popular Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) game. It is a virtual world in which players can become residents and do some fun activities to get famous. As millions of players are on this game, getting popular is not all the easy, especially if you do not even know how to make it happen. Here are a few tips that can help you become a celebrity on this game’s virtual world.

The ordinary and boring ways: The simple way of getting famous is to play the game for a very long time. Those who have been playing it since 2008 get extra respect for their commitment to the game. They are recognized by most of the other players. So, if you want to get famous, you should play the game consistently for the next few years, but you still will not be able to beat those playing since 2008. Another reason for the fame of old players is that they have collected numerous rare items. Doing that gets you on many scoreboards, and soon you become popular among those trying to beat your score. The point is still that you will have to spend few hours of each day for at least a couple of years in order to get popular by the ordinary ways.

The extraordinary ways: You will have to do something extra if you want fame to come to you as soon as possible. The easiest way of doing that is having a unique and rememberable name. So, when you are signing up for the game, choose your name very carefully. Give it some thought and go some research even. However, at last it needs to be your creativity. Also, you can increase the impact of your name by being more visible. You can go to almost every event in the game and talk to as much people as you can. When people see you repeatedly, they will definitely remember you. Another way is to get too rich. You can either spend years in getting rich or directly use ourWorld cheats. With the help of these cheats, you can get gems in your account without any extra effort. There are several ourWorld gem cheats available on the internet. You can easily find the one that is most suitable for you. Do proper research before finalizing one of the ourWorld gem codes. You would need to consider a few things in order to find the best. Most of them are similar in many ways but each one of them has at least one unique feature. For instance, they might give different number of gems. You should prefer ourWorld gem codes for 50 gems at least.

Some other interesting ways: There are a couple of other ways that can also increase your fame. They are enlisted below.

  • Have an expensive and top rated condo
  • Create a unique style of your avatar
  • Throw kickass parties and organize amazing events
  • Join ourWorld online communities

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